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Join and take your pick from only the hottest Japanese trannies

Monday, March 29th, 2010

If you’re a fan of Japanese shemales, you’ve come to the right place. Join and take your pick from only the hottest Japanese trannies that will soon become your favourite Asian shemales. Take Hiromi, for example. She is a super cute, nubile Japanese tranny with fine, perky hormonal titties and a face of an angel. Japan shemale game’s cutest girl, Hiromi is a Japanese shemale that will make you lose your mind. Her porcelain skin and a tight young body will be a perfect intro for a fine, huge cock that Hiromi packs like a real Japanese ladyboy.

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New members in Hinako shemale scene

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Holy Godzilla and Yu-Gi-Oh! Japan shemale scene has gotten one of its hottest new members in Hinako, a fine Japanese shemale with an extremely cute face and soft skin. This Japanese tranny also sports some mad titties that make other Japanese shemales go green with envy. Hinako is such a cute little Japanese ladyboy that she could fool even the biggest players in the world that she is a proper girl and not one of the Japanese trannies. However, they would have a surprise of a lifetime when Hinako pulled out her big schlong that could put them in their place.

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Hime is one incredibly hot Japanese tranny

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Hime is one incredibly hot Japanese tranny. I tell you, there are few true girls as hot as this Japanese ladyboy. Hime has a face that can feature on the covers of Hustler or Cosmopolitan, easily; it is a face that other Japanese trannies dream of. It is a face that is the Holy Grail for Japanese shemales, and for all other Asian shemales for that matter. Like a true member of Japan shemale scene, Humi sucks cock like a true pro. She does it so well that her friend is having ton of troubles holding off the orgasm. Inevitably, this Japanese shemale ends up glazed in hot cum.

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Incredibly hot Japanese tranny

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Hikaru Yumizuki is an incredibly hot Japanese tranny which reminds us why there is no scene like Japan shemale scene when it comes to the hottest Asian shemales. Hikaru is a true Japanese shemale that loves dressing up in hot outfits and flaunt her firm, tastefully-done titties that show other Japanese trannies that fake boobs don’t have to be some balloon-like monstrosities. Hikaru also sports a big, pulsating cock for that special Japanese ladyboy fun. She is also practicing her blowjob skills on a toy and hopes that she will have an opportunity to try them out on a real, hard cock.

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Come and see only the finest Japanese trannies

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Come and see only the finest Japanese trannies that truly take the Japan shemale game to a whole new level. Ayumi is a super hot Japanese shemale with a pretty face and a hot, sexy outfit. This Japanese tranny has invited one of her friends to give her a hand with shaving her hard cock and big nads. Her friend helps her and gets Ayumi rid of black pubes all Japanese shemales have to get rid of to become true Asian shemales. Come and watch as Ayumi and her lucky friend have so much fun transforming Ayumi into a proper, cute, clean-shaved Japanese ladyboy.

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Ayu, a beautiful Japanese shemale

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Ayu, a beautiful Japanese shemale is a perfect example of why we all love Japan shemale game. Japanese trannies are so sweet that they make you forget about all other ladyboys, including the superhot Asian shemales. Ayu is one of those Japanese shemales that seduces you with her hot body and perfect, creamy skin. Ayu has pretty, seductive eyes and lips that promise you unbelievable pleasures. She will almost have you believe she is a proper bitch until she pulls out a big dick that stands to attention and clean-shaved balls, making Ayu a true Japanese tranny.

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